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Here comes Beatrice

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Family and Friends,

December 2012 marks the conclusion of the 13th baktun and the beginning of the fifth world in the Maya Calendar. It also marks the relieving completion of a difficult but exciting journey to our family, after an extended period of anxiety and anticipation for the arrival of our new family member, Beatrice.

Beatrice is born in the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital at 23:30 midnight on this 19th day of December 2012. She weighs 3.2 kg at birth. Despite she arrives 2 days earlier than expected, she and her mum are both in very good condition.

Beatrice is lucky to be born in Hong Kong, not only because Hong Kong enjoys the world's lowest birth rate and highest life expectancy, but also because the prosperity, convenience, security, diversity and freedom this city-state offers, comparing to many of her contemporaries born just across the river and elsewhere. Interestingly, it is also on this very same day 28 year ago, China and Britain signed the Joint Declaration which, to a large extent, defines the status of Hong Kong today.

We name Beatrice after the beloved divine character who guides Dante through his journey in Heaven. We wish her equally blessed during her journey in this wonderful world.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Beatrice became the 7,059,577,080th human being living on this planet at the time of her birth.









Stacie & Alan

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